Accounting Aid Society hopes you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy. Due to COVID-19, we’ve temporarily suspended all in-person and walk-in tax preparation. In the meantime, we’re able to prepare your taxes entirely online; you can count on getting your maximum refund and keeping your personal information protected, while staying safe at the same time.

VITA ACE is a safe and reliable way for Accounting Aid Society to prepare your federal, state and city tax returns without in-person contact and at no cost. Using a secure, IRS-approved software, VITA ACE lets you use your smartphone, tablet, or computer’s camera and email address to upload your tax documents and electronic signature – without leaving your home. 

VITA ACE is limited to most families and individuals with incomes up to $57,000. If you meet this criteria, you’ll need to have the following items: 

  • Smartphone, tablet or computer with a working camera AND internet access or data plan
  • A valid email address you can access on the device you’ve selected from above
  • Identification and tax documents – for a complete list of what you’ll need, click here

(Click here for the PDF version)

  • Schedule a phone appointment through this simple online form or by calling 313-556-1920. You’ll need to answer a few questions first to make sure VITA ACE is the right tax preparation choice for you. 
  • Gather your tax documents and smartphone, tablet or computer before your scheduled phone appointment. 
  • During the date and time you selected for your appointment, an Accounting Aid team member will call you to help you use your device camera to share your tax documents to a secure link. The team member will send you an email with the upload link during your phone call, so you can upload your documents while they remain on the phone with you.
  • After collecting your documents, Accounting Aid’s IRS-certified tax team will prepare and review your tax return. 
  • Within a week, we’ll call you to let you know your tax return is complete and ready for your electronic signature. Once signed, we’ll electronically file it for you and it will be  processed by the IRS.

Will I need to download anything to send my tax documents? 

No. Everything will be completed through email with a camera on your smartphone, tablet or computer. 


How long will my phone appointment take?

45 minutes to 1 hour. Having all of your documents ready and ensuring your internet and device are working will speed up the process. 


Can Accounting Aid prepare my tax return if I don’t have an email address?

Until our in-person tax sites are open, the only way we can safely and securely collect your documents at this time is through email. 


Can I send photos of my tax documents before my phone call appointment?

No – you won’t receive the link to upload the photos of your tax documents until you’re on the phone with an Accounting Aid team member. They’ll send you an email with the upload link during the phone call, so you can open it and upload everything while they remain on the phone with you.


Do NOT email photos as an attachment to anyone or upload photos anywhere unless you are instructed to do so WITH an Accounting Aid team member on the phone. 


Is it safe to take photos of my tax documents?

Yes, but it is a good idea to delete the photos off of your device’s camera as an extra safety measure after Accounting Aid Society has received everything we need. 


Is it safe to upload my tax documents this way?

Yes – the IRS has approved, verified and tested VITA ACE. Accounting Aid has also run several tests to ensure your tax return and personal information are safe. 


When will my tax return be ready?

Once your documents and signature have been collected from your phone appointment, your tax return will be ready within 1 week. 


How will I get a copy of my tax return?

Once you’ve electronically signed your completed return, you’ll receive an email with a final version of the signed copy.

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