About Us 

We use taxes to build relationships.
And relationships to build futures.

We help you with your taxes.

At Accounting Aid Society, we use taxes to build relationships, and relationships to build futures. For nearly 50 years, we have assisted low to moderate income residents of southeast Michigan with tax preparation and education services. Taxes provide a unique moment of opportunity to connect with and build trust with clients moving along the economic mobility spectrum. We leverage this moment in the realms of economic justice, financial capability, workforce development and entrepreneurship. Not only are we the largest provider of free tax assistance to transitioning populations in Michigan, but we are also the only provider of the unique small business services and low income tax clinic services we provide, often on a pro bono basis. Since our founding, our services have returned over $455 million in tax refunds to individuals and small businesses in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Livingston counties. As a result, we’ve received the Michigan Governor’s Service Award for Outstanding Volunteer Program, been named a Neighborhood Builder by Bank of America and Crain’s Best-Managed Nonprofit in both 2008 and 2020.

By understanding your taxes, you can take charge of your future.

Our mission is to help our clients gain control of their finances. We start by helping them file their taxes. For many of us, tax season is an unavoidable chore. But for our clients, who are underserved and often struggling to make ends meet, even one small mistake on their tax forms could deprive them of critical tax refunds. We believe that everyone should have access to competent and trustworthy tax and financial advice. This is why we work with our community to guide our clients through the tax system and turn a stressful process into an opportunity for them to take control of their money and their future.

For information about the our impact our services have on our community, see our 2021 Impact Report.


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