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Free tax, year-round tax preparation assistance is available for households earning less than $58,000 a year. 

Accounting Aid Society’s team of tax professionals and volunteers is dedicated to giving southeast Michigan households the confidence of an accurately prepared tax return, and the peace of mind that comes with having a team by your side for year-round support. 

Tax Preparation Assistance

In-person tax preparation is back and available at 5 locations all summer for help with:

  • Income tax preparation, including missed deadlines and prior year returns
  • Michigan Home Heating Credits 
  • Detroit Homeowners Property Exemption (HOPE)

Appointments are required; we are not able to service walk-ins due to the current COVID-19 environment. Appointments can be scheduled by going online or by calling (313) 556-1920. For a list of what to bring to your appointment, click here.

Michigan Home Heating Credit (HHC)
Who is eligible for the HHC? 

You may qualify for the HHC if:

    • You are a Michigan homeowner or renter
    • Your household meets the income guidelines 
    • You were not a full-time student who was claimed as a dependent on another person’s return 
    • You did not live in college or university operated housing, or a licensed care facility for the entire year.
    • More eligibility details here
2021 HHC Standard Allowance (filed for in 2022):
Exemptions Standard Allowance Income Ceiling
0-1 $497 $14,181
2 $672 $19,186
3 $846 $24,157
4 $1,021 $29,156
5 $1,196 $34,157
6 $1,371 $39,157
  • $175 for each exemption over 6
  • $5,000 for each exemption over 6

How do I apply for the HHC?

Accounting Aid Society can help you apply for the HHC by filling out the required form (we provide, which must be completed and filed by September 30, 2022. Make an appointment for help, bring your documents – we’ll do the rest. 

Even though you do not need to file a tax return or have tax filing requirements to apply for the HHC, we’ll double-check your information to see if you’re eligible for other tax benefits while we’re at it!

Detroit Homeowners Property Exemption (HOPE)
Who is eligible for the HOPE?

Eligibility for the HOPE Detroit homeowners, and is based on whether you own and occupy your home as your primary residence and your household income or circumstances.

2022 HOPE Income Guidelines
Number in Household Max. Income for Full (100%) Exemption Max. Income for Partial (50%) Exemption Max. Income for Partial (25%) Exemption 
1 $17,774 $20,479 $23,055
2 $21,427 $24,040 $26,478
3 $23,717 $26,352 $28,768
4 $27,560 $30,210 $32,860
5 $31, 040 $33,834 $36,317
6 $35,580 $38,428 $40,917
7 $40,120 $42,928 $45,336
8 $44,660 $47,340 $50,019
$4,540 to the income limit for each household member above 8 $4,812 to the income limit for each household member above 8 Add $5,085 to the income limit for each household member above 8 


How do I apply? 

Accounting Aid Society can help you fil out your HOPE application, which must be submitted by December 12, 2022. Appointments are required.