Giving Societies  

When you make a gift to Accounting Aid Society, you not only ensure the continued mission of the agency, but you’re also investing in brighter futures. We depend on the steadfast generosity of our loyal donors at all giving levels, and to recognize and honor your impact, Accounting Aid Society has two giving societies

The 300 Club: Building Futures

In 2020, The CARES Act made it easier than ever to invest in families and their economic security by allowing taxpayers who don’t itemize their deductions, to deduct up to $300 in charitable contributions made in 2020. 

 The 300 Club was created in recognition of the special tax deduction, which was extended into 2021, and to build a community of 300 people dedicated to investing in futures. Members of the 300 Club demonstrate their commitment to economic mobility through their gift to Accounting Aid Society of $300 or more by June 30, 2021.

 Accounting Aid is asking 300 people to invest in futures by committing to gifts of $300 or more by June 30, 2021.

Members will receive a special shout out on social media and be listed on our website below.

For gifts of stock, annuities or other assets, please contact Angela Gabridge at for brokerage or other info.

Together, we can continue to use taxes to build relationships, and relationships to build futures in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. Take a look at our growing community below and join them by making your first monthly gift:

  1. Marshall Hunt
  2. Nick Quigley
  3. Robert Bignell
  4. Emily Fox-Wright
  5. John Anstett
  6. Anonymous
  7. Cynthia M. Sartori
  8. Audrey Harvey
  9. Ken Bluhm
  10. Lew Elbert
  11. John C. Micallef
  12. Leslie Malcolmson
  13. Denise Reske
  14. Ryan Ferguson
  15. Patricia Liang
  1. Jessica L. Toth
  2. Robert and Kathleen Rosowski
  3. Brendan Sullivan
  4. Mary Travier
  5. David Fleetham
  6. Dennis Dolbee
  7. David Boudreau
  8. John R. McGee
  9. John & Veronica Finch
  10. Mary Jo and Chip Dawson
  11. Pete and Kristin Dolan
  12. Brad Cromwell
  13. Susan Martin 
  14. Carol Forsythe 
  15. Doug and Nancy Roosa
    1. Estralita Ford 
    2. Ted and Stacy Farmer
    3. Carol Osborne
    4. Leslie Andrews
    5. Joseph Robach      
    6. William Quigley
    7. Erwin A. Rubenstein
    8. Howard & Nancy Baron
    9. Melissa Jagst 
    10. Gary Dembs 
    11. Cherri M. & Jack W. Musser    
    12. Leslie Andrews
    13. Matt Hetherwick
    14. Sally Fedus     
    15. Janet Elbert
    16. Coleen and Walter R. Dolan-Greene

    Abacus Society

    The Abacus Society recognizes the philanthropy and generosity of annual leadership donors who make an investment in Accounting Aid Society with a gift of $1,000 or more. The steadfast support of this community of donors demonstrates commitment to the financial stability of our community – today, and in the future.

     1. Diane and Doug Dossin

     2. John and Joan Anstett

     3. David Rehrauer

    4. LaShanda Davis

     5. Patricia Liang

     6. Rick Favor

     7. Audrey Harvey

     8. Ron Lang

     9. Jeramey Lynch

    10. Nick Quigley

    11. Terry Conley

    12. Robert Zalewski

    13. Robert and Kathleen Rosowski

    14. Emily Baldwin

    15. Bridgett Feagin

    16. Greg Nowak

    17. Lisa Fort

    18. Bryan Kieler

    19. Tamara Johnson

    20. Kathleen Hatke Aro

    21. Angela Gabridge

    22. Mark W. & Deborah L. Habel

    23. Peter Keating

    24. Julie Telang

    25. Ray Telang 

    26. Lisa Howze

    27. Randolph Paschke

    28. John Aufdemberge

    29. Barbara Lavey

    30. Gerard & Kathleen Albanese

    31. Howard & Karla Morris

    32. Lori & Brad Michaud

    33. Gabrielle Thomas


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