By the time the April 18 deadline came to a close this year, more than 100 Accounting Aid Society volunteers had helped close to 11,600 people file their taxes. 

And that was not the only cause for celebration. With the lull in Covid-19 cases, volunteers were able to provide in-person assistance for clients for the first time since 2020. 

“The return to in-person services was extremely beneficial, despite the challenges of Omicron leading up to the beginning of tax season,” said Matt Hetherwick, AAS Director of Individual Tax Programs. “It was tremendous to see people there with smiles on their faces, helping the people we’re meant to help. We were able to nearly double the number of people we served over last year.”

In-person service was a welcomed development for clients. “To know they’d have a return prepared right then and there and get their refund quickly was a huge relief,” Hetherwick said.

This was partially due to the sense of security that comes from one-on-one assistance. Many people are hesitant to share personal data or financial information online.  “In person, people feel more comfortable because they see their information being used right in front of them and know they will get instant results within the hour rather than having something mailed back to them a week or two later,” said Hetherwick. 

This past tax season, AAS volunteers made possible $24 million in refunds and tax preparation savings for the clients they served. “The dedication, hard work and effort of our volunteers was outstanding,” says Hetherwick. “They put money in people’s pockets.” 

And that adds up to a successful, impactful and memorable 2022 tax season.