Your investment is putting millions back into the pockets of small business owners, working Detroiters and parents across the region. It’s not just taxes, but the gift of economic mobility. Read about the difference you’re making: 
Lew: “This is the most meaningful work I do.”

“I’ll never forget my first client. She wasn’t making much money and when I told her she’d be getting a $4,000 refund thanks to the Earned Income Tax Credit, she burst into tears,” Lew said. “That money was her ticket out of her sister’s attic.”

Mayra: “Now that I can see the numbers, I can make better decisions.”

A successful entrepreneur, Mayra and her husband moved to the United States hoping for a better life with more opportunities for their four children. Our small business program helped her navigate new systems and access capital she was able to reinvest back into her community.

Adrian* is buying her first home

A single, working mother of 5, Adrian and her children had to stay with family when they became homeless. She worked hard to get back on her feet and secured her own rental. Due to faulty wiring, she quickly lost her new independence to a house fire. When Adrian found out she was receiving a refund of over $8,000 thanks to the Earned Income Tax Credit, she knew exactly what to do with it, “I’m buying a home.”

*Name and image changed to protect client identity

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