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The Financial Opportunity Corps has three volunteer opportunities.

Financial Coach

We train volunteer financial coaches who are then partnered with individuals from the community in order to empower, motivate and provide support and resources to those individuals in a one-on-one partnership. This partnership builds a relationship that will enable the client to set and achieve their financial goals. Coaches and their partners are expected to continue their partnership for at least six months — meeting about once a month, or as needed by the client. Coaches participate in training which encompasses a variety of coaching skills and financial literary topics. Read the full position description.

Financial Workshop Presenter

Financial workshop presenters assist members of the community in having a better understanding of banking and financial literacy education by teaching focused, specialized workshops and providing training materials to help these individuals reach their financial goals. A successful workshop facilitator is able to relate well to community members and clients. Read the full position description.

Financial Coaching Ambassador

The financial coaching ambassador will engage and interact with clients at Accounting Aid Society’s satellite tax sites from January through April. The objective is to inform and enthuse the clientele about the positive impact financial coaching could have in their lives. A successful ambassador will generate conversations and introspection about financial health among tax site clients, and ultimately generate referrals to the coaching program. Read the full position description.