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Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC)

Our year-round Low Income Taxpayer Clinic provides assistance and representation for low income taxpayers who have tax controversies with the Internal Revenue Service.

These controversies can include:
– audits
– liens
– payment agreements
– levies
– collection appeals
– offers in compromise
– IRS notices and other IRS-related tax issues
– I.D. theft

Income guidelines for assistance with IRS tax controversies through the LITC for 2016 are:

Size of Family Unit          Income Ceiling (250% of Poverty Guidelines)
1                                          $30,150
2                                          $40,600
3                                          $51,050
4                                          $61,500
5                                          $71,950
6                                          $82,400
7                                          $92,850
8                                        $103,300

For each additional person above five, add $10,450.

ESL Education and Outreach Program

The LITC also offers an ESL Education and Outreach program that provides tax education and outreach for taxpayers who speak English as a second language (ESL). There are no financial eligibility requirements for ESL outreach and educational presentations and consultations.

For more information or to request assistance through the LITC, call  (313) 556-1920 or 866-673-0873 toll-free.

Please note: The clinic does not generally provide tax return preparation services: Tax return preparation is provided by our year-round neighborhood tax centers.

To volunteer your skills as a CPA, attorney, or enrolled agent for the clinic,
please call 313-556-1920.