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Claim Your Home Heating Credit
Before the September 30 Deadline!

Thousands of households in southeast Michigan may lose out on the Home Heating Credit if they do not file for it by the September 30 deadline. The credit can be worth $100 or more to an eligible household.

No income tax filing is required to claim the Home Heating Credit (HHC), but you do have to file a form. 

You can file it yourself using State of Michigan form MI-1040CR-7.  The form and instructions are available on the state’s website, and linked here.

But figuring the calculations and completing the form can be confusing for some. That’s why every year we offer free help to file the credit at locations throughout Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties. We want to ensure that those who are eligible take advantage of the help the HHC can bring before the September 30 deadline.

What Is It?
The HHC is designed to help low-income households with the cost of heating their homes and apartments. The credit could mean extra cash or an energy draft to use as payment toward current or future heating bills. HHC claims run $120-$150 on average per household.

You can only file for the HHC once a year. Eligibility for the HHC is based on annual household income, number of household members, and other factors. If you did not file your 2016 income taxes and your income falls into the following guidelines, then you may be eligible for the credit:
Exemptions/Household Members      Income Ceiling
1                                                                   $13,070
2                                                                   $17,642
3                                                                   $22,185
4                                                                   $26,756
5                                                                   $31,299
6                                                                   $35,842

To find out if your qualify for the HHC and to make an appointment for free help, call us! You may also qualify for other benefits.

♦ Detroit and Wayne County

♦ Oakland County

♦ Macomb County